Thursday, April 24, 2008


Note to self:

Self, do not attempt to make Angel Food cake in any pan other than what is specified. Never fill it to the top of the pan. Angel Food expands. A LOT.
Oh YES self, it would have been darn cool to make a castle shaped angel food cake, but it really is impossible to get out. A dessert as light and airy as this is not meant to be violently ripped from the pan in pieces by voracious visitors and crammed in their mouths.


Samantha said...

That is amazing. Also, for some reason, it gives me a craving for quiche. I wish I knew why.

rachel said...

sam, you're odd. i've never used one of those pans, but i hear they're difficult no matter what you put in them. though, even i (who has never baked an angel food cake) know that to fill the pan to the top. :) my cakes still have a tendency to overflow a little anyway though. i bet it tasted great.