Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's a Millenium Thing

It seems to me that every decade has it's own signature theme; some trend in attitude within popular culture that helps define it. The seventies were about sex and drugs; the eighties were about money and making lots of it; the nineties... I'm gonna hazard a bet and label it a little new agey-sorta "retro age of Aquarius". Sometimes it's a little hard to label until you've gained the perspective of time. What's your vote? Now, the current decade? I think we're living in the decade of rebellion-of thinking and acting outside the box. Hence we have trends that produce punk rockers who knit, people who question their medical providers, organic foods. What do you think, am I on to something?

1 comment:

rachel said...

that's kinda funny, cuz rob campbell accused me of being a rebel just 20 minutes ago. i was standing askew in the lunch line, i guess. whatever, i do what i want. :)