Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Employment Tip for Sam

Please note: Do not leave your position to take employment at the local newspaper selling classified ads. You'll surely put your head in the oven within days.

found in the Tuesday April 29th, 2008 edition of the Northern Hills Advertiser

FOR SALE: 2006 Bombardier Outlander Max 400 ATV, green w/snowplow, wench, front/rear bags. Approximately 200 miles, excellent condition. $6,000, 645-9286

I almost had to physically restrain Josh from calling to ask for her measurements.

1 comment:

Samantha said...

It took me a disturbingly long time to figure out was wrong with that ad. Then I giggled.

I love the way "wench" is embedded in an otherwise normal sentence (or sentence fragment - whatever). You can get a snowplow, front and rear bags, and a WENCH!

But I think I'll stick with my current job, thanks. :)