Thursday, November 8, 2007

Knitters! Get Knocked Up!

Here we have a classic example of why it's so important that we suck more knitters into having babies. I've ranted before at the hideous and totally impractical baby accouterments out there people have proudly knit for poor unfortunate new souls. This is a really innovative idea that would only come from someone intimately connected to daily life with an infant. Seaweed is a cover that buttons over your coat and baby (who is presumably riding in a carrier or sling) to protect the wee munchkin from the cold winds of winter. It's simple, yes-but a MARVELOUS idea. Way to go Anna-Maria! I've always wondered how to negotiate life with a sling and winter!

Now in all reality, I probably won't knit this-despite how tickled I am with it. I figure I'll have far less cause here in vehicle friendly SD to spend time walking with a baby than in pedestrian friendly Vienna. Most of the time I'll be out will be with Bebe' in a car seat. But I really like the idea, nonetheless!

Honestly, I think if we had more pattern designers out there who were actually knitting items out of a real need, rather than a desire to just "make a baby sweater" we'd come up with some really outstanding patterns. So often something I run across is cute- but totally impractical, either due to the way it's put on, the thickness, the washing care needed... I dunno, maybe I'm just a utilitarian sort of knitter. Up with practicality!

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