Tuesday, November 27, 2007

baby names?

So, I was convinced I was having a boy. We've had a boy name, Isaac Zachary, (yeah, I know his nickname would probably end up baby Zach Zach) picked out since before Lizzie's birth and consequently, hadn't really been too concerned with finding a girl name. Anytime I considered it I couldn't think of anything that really tripped my trigger. I've got a couple of rules of thumb:

1. Kids should have the chance to have cute nicknames
2. Adults should have names that has some dignity to them
3. Variations on spelling are just stupid and trite
4. "Unique" names just end up looking like pathetic attempts to nuture the individuality of your child
5. Following a theme when naming your kids-such as making them all start with the same letter-you know it makes you wanna gag!

Chances are, it's the old traditional sorts of names that really make me happy. I've looked back through the abundant records of Josh's family tree (and what we have of mine) but I'm still not seeing anything great. Josh's family goes back quite aways on the East Coast, and has some GREAT old Puritan names (and noteables in some cases) like:

Hepsibah Fruit
Cotton Mather
Increase Mather

Only one' is a girl's name, but you get the idea, right? Somehow, I just can't quite make those work. Surely you see why? So I'm sending out the call- got anything you love? Here's a few I've toyed with:

Katherine (mostly cause I wanna call my child "Kat")
Bodhi (Yeah, I know-it totally violates that whole unique rule- but it's got this cool meaning and tomboy sorta vibe going for it)
Murphy (My mom's idea-but a bit too mannish for me)
Belle (Lizzie's idea, short for Isabelle, which I happen to really like, but many people think it's awfully close to Elizabeth in sound)

So- let 'em rip!


Anonymous said...

How about Shane? I just met a woman names Shane.

rachel said...

Rachel's always a good choice. :)

then there's Rebecca (Becky), Emily (Emma or Emmy), Jessica (Jessie), Katelyn, Caitlin etc...(Katie) (there are too many ways to spell that name, but I've always liked it), Genevive (Jenny or Jen)....
Give me some time and I'll be I can think of more. :)

rachel said...

ps. don't pick Rachel. There are no good, cutesy nicknames.

Rayelle said...

Hehe, Rachel was suggested to me at work today! I said, I actually like the name, but I can't name a kid the same name one of my friends has!
I haven't got any good suggestions, we are complete opposites because I'm not a big fan of traditional names-I like them odd and unique! (Within reason.) Hepsibah Fruit Loose???


Samantha said...

I agree with Rachel about Caitlin - I've always liked that name, too. Out of the names you had listed, I like Katherine the best, as there are a lot of cute nicknames you could use, and it goes well with Lizzie.

Just make sure your child doesn't have an androgynous nickname, like mine. Also, it shouldn't rhyme with damn, sham, ma'am, or ram. I had a hellish childhood.