Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thar She Blows!

Katie finally Pooped! Why, might you ask, am I rejoicing over a bowel movement?!?

Because it's been NINE days... NINE! since I've seen one!

Apparently, it's not uncommon for breastfed babies can go a week or two without pooping by six weeks of age... but it sure is disconcerting. Yesterday I even took her in to a pediatrician yesterday to see if I should be worried. We palpated her tummy-but there were no hard masses.. and she wasn't uncomfortable. So we just decided to give it a bit longer.

I'm glad we did. She went today, in her own good time. It was pretty much like a bomb went off in that diaper though. OMFG people! Buy stock in Swaddlebees cloth diapers! It was totally coated in a thick layer from the front lining all the way to the back, but never leaked once. I wasn't aware a five week old child had that kind of storage capacity. It's like she has a rectum of holding or something (D&D reference for you non-nerds.) Usually you can resell cloth diapers once you are done.

But NO ONE will EVER buy that diaper from me!


Usually the very best stain remover is the sun.... but I doubt this will EVER sun out! Ah! Adventures in parenting! If this story isn't birth control.. I dunno what is!

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Samantha said...

"If this story isn't birth control...I dunno what is!"

Um, no kidding. Forget condoms, we should be giving high school students cloth diapers and printouts of this post.

I am very glad she pooped, however. Nine days is a long freaking time.