Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Life is SHORT!

Tonight over the dinner table, Lizzie and I had a profound discussion about life and death and how long we have left on this earth.

Okay. So, the kid is five.

She asked how old people are before they die-I've assured her that we can live to be 100. Therefore, in the mind of a five year old-100 is the cutoff. You croak when you get to be 100. Just how long is that, though, really?

I'm thirty-one. Lets make life simple and assume it's my birthday today. If I will cack on my birthday, August 8th, 2076 then I have:

69 years left or
828 months left or
3,588 weeks left or
25,185 days left or
604,440 hours left.

That seems a disturbingly short period of time, especially considering that it isn't exactly common to make it to be that old. A little over 600,000 hours? I've never really thought about it in those terms. I just always envisioned having oodles of time. Damn! I'd better get crackin!

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