Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Well, I tried the ginger ale! It doesn't look so yummy from here, does it? The ginger in there was mashed with my Pampered Chef garlic masher, and I added lime zest. There's honey drizzled over the whole thing, but what are those green leaves in there? Lemon Balm! After growing it for about 4 years and admiring the smell, I finally actually used it in something! If you've never had lemon balm, I would describe it as a lemony Pledge smell, minus all the nasty chemicals. It's a light and lovely lemon scent-not sharp like the real thing, just very homey and relaxing. As a relatively mild herb, it's safe for pregnancy and is used most for relaxation-especially those with stress related stomach troubles. It was a GREAT addition!
Just after this picture was taken, I added approximately 2 cups of boiling water and allowed it to steep. Oh LA! It is GOOD! It took me awhile to figure out the proportions for the final concentrate. Our recipe doesn't say anything, but I've decided I prefer it a bit weaker than I originally made it. If you are using a short tumbler, I'd say you need approximately an inch of concentrate to a full glass of seltzer. I also didn't add enough honey-but that's what you get for not measuring!
For me, this is guilt free soda. I don't mind drinking honey-I don't feel so bad about my body processing something that is a much more natural material than nasty old white sugar. Plus, there's still much LESS sweetener in this than in a real soda. Last but not least, there's no caffeine! So, I get a break from plain water AND get something fizzy-which is what I love and miss most about soda. Two thumbs up from me!
I dunno if it does anything for my nausea, but today wasn't so bad...

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