Sunday, September 23, 2007

And now for something completely different..

and far less whiney. Today we promised the rugrat much kite flying after the dungeon that is her room was cleaned. There was much whining until the kite bribe was dangled. It's all about the leverage, ladies and gentlemen.

It's quite windy out today-maybe as much as 30 mph at times. We've had a few gusts that moved items on the deck. At one point we actually snapped the line on the kite and had to chase it through a few neighborhood yards. The wind wasn't constant, and the gusts made the kite do crazy and unpredictable things-like dive bomb us, or attempt to clothesline Josh. Good fun! But our kite is quickly becoming ratty. We've had it for about 10 years. It was the first kite I ever owned that wasn't crappy plastic-purchased at the Mall of America while I was in college. It's given good service, considering we've done ludicrous things like fly it out the windows of moving cars. But the poles have worn holes in all the support flaps. It may be time to buy a new kite.

Kites aren't really a big thing in the midwest. I suspect the constant breezes at the ocean shore make for a far more devoted following on the coasts. You don't really see many out flying-but who doesn't smile when they do? In any case, I had no idea there were such outlandish things flying the skies out there (or that kites could be so darn cheap!)

I mean, I knew kites came in shapes- but who knew there were 3D clownfish with 70 in wingspans for under $30?!? Or tall masted ships with rainbow sails? There's one star shaped kite that spins as it flies for $18?!? My kid is SO getting a kite for her birthday!

But the thing that made my jaw drop are the kites and fliers out there who purposely have designed kites so big, and with so much pull, that they literally pull their fliers off the ground. People ride around in buggies, or ski through the snow with these puppies. I can't imagine how much fun that would be!


rachel said...

i really like your ship kite. i haven't flown a kite for ever. i bought a nice big one when i was working at camp, but i have only flown it once. sadness. if yours dies before you can find a replacement and you really want to fly a kite, i'll lend you mine. :)

Rayelle said...

Haha she just WISHES that was her ship kite. She fooled me with that one too for a minute!

rachel said...

i'm a little let down. where did you find that picture then?

Carrie said...

Geeze! sorry to be som misleading! I needed some purty pictures to spice up the post and wanted everyone to see that ship-it's just a random picture stolen from the net. But the link to it's prettier and really rather inexpensive cousin is in the post.