Monday, July 16, 2007

All Work and No Play

I have officially transitioned BACK to the working world. Sigh. Its a good job-for the area. You make certain sacrifices to live in the region I do. I should be quite pleased. I could be at Wal-Mart. After my first day on the job, I find that I am not particularly pleased, however. I am working within the local university as a secretary.

But I have had a taste of the good life. I have had a taste of teaching and research. I have been ruined for secretarial work, apparently. I have plenty of good skills in this particular career path. But I find that I have no interest in processing other people's projects. I take much more satisfaction in my OWN.

I have nothing to complain about. Most people around here will kill for a state job. The benefits are killer. I am going to have to do my best to just take satisfaction in a job well done until something better comes along.

I'm just an ungrateful, spoiled bitch who thinks she can do better!

I just need to keep thinking... at least I won't have things hurled at my feet by this boss... 8o)


Rayelle said...

Yeah but this job has the I hear the pitter patter of another little set of feet??? Yeehaw!

The Kneurotic Knitter said...

ah, job crap ... isn't it a blast?! I'm currently debating between a one-year position with benefits and possible leads to future jobs, yet with a boss I'm pretty sure I will DESPISE or applying at the bank, where I've worked before and wasn't all that crazy about. But there, I would have a permanent job, benefits and opportunities for advancement.

So, I feel for you ...

rachel said...

i'm glad you're here though. i'll at least get to see you once in a while this summer. :) (i may be able to have lunch with you today even!)