Wednesday, March 5, 2008

35 weeks... or could it be 37 weeks?!?

I must have reached maximum capacity. I don't see a whole lot of changes in growth over the past few weeks.

Why the discrepancy in dates? Well, you're witnessing the special kind of desperation that all women go through when they reach this point in the pregnancy. Oh and the name for this point? It's called HELL.

Most caregivers will measure a woman at each appointment to check for consistent growth in the baby. For the last month and a half, I've consistently measured two weeks ahead of time. At my last appointment on the 25th when I was 34 weeks, I measured SIX weeks ahead. yeah, that's right... I was measuring 40 weeks-full term. Now that's not crazy- the baby could have been in a different position, I was getting measured by a different person... all kinds of things might account for it. A quick ultrasound estimated us at 36 weeks (again with the two weeks ahead.) Now, ultrasounds aren't super on when it comes to estimating by this stage of development either. So in reality, we don't know THAT much more than we did. But the desperate preganant woman still likes to THINK she's 37 weeks, ya dig?

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honeychild / the mixtress said...

LOL - i definitely dig!
--oyinmama, april ddc from mdc